Pastel Colors

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The STIC divides its color set into two subsets, the Pastel Colors (numbered 8 through 15) and the Primary Colors, numbered 0 through 7. The Pastel Colors are so named because they tend to be less saturated than the Primaries (though that's not strictly true). The following table illustrates the colors, along with an approximation of the Intellivision's color. (The HTML color values match the settings used in jzIntv. They should not be considered canonical.)

Color NumberColor NameExample
8Grey #BDACC8
9Cyan #24B8FF
10Orange #FFB41F
11Brown/Olive #546E00
12Pink #FF4E57
13Light Blue #A496FF
15Purple #B51A58

Note: The color examples may not display if your web browser does not support the BGCOLOR attribute on table cells.