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Instruction NameAdd Carry to Register
CP1610 Clock Cycles6
Opcode Range$0028-$002F
Input FlagsCarry Flag
Output FlagsSign Flag, Zero Flag, Overflow Flag, Carry Flag

The Add Carry to Register (ADCR) instruction adds one (1) to the specified register if the Carry Flag is set. Otherwise, the register is left unchanged. Regardless of whether the register is actually modified, however, the Sign Flag, Zero Flag, Overflow Flag, and Carry Flag will all be set or cleared according to the resulting value in the register. This instruction is useful for Extended Precision Arithmetic.

where: rrr indicates the target register such that: rrr == 000 indicates register R0 rrr == 001 indicates register R1 rrr == 010 indicates register R2 rrr == 011 indicates register R3 rrr == 100 indicates register R4 rrr == 101 indicates register R5 rrr == 110 indicates register R6 rrr == 111 indicates register R7