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The Intellivoice was an speech-synthesis peripheral which certain games were able to take advantage of to create realistic-sounding speech. Select from any of the topics below to learn more about the components of the Intellivoice.

  • SP0256-012: Speech Processor with resident phrase library. A related part, the SP0256-AL2, was once sold by Radio Shack.
  • RESROM: The phrase library present on the SP0256-012.
  • SPB640: Speech FIFO that allows downloading alternate phrases to the Intellivoice.

The following are the only known Mattel games that take advantage of the Intellivoice.

B-17 Bomber
Bomb Squad
Space Spartans
TRON Solar Sailer
World Series Major League Baseball
Carousel (Unreleased)
Space Shuttle (Unreleased)
Quest (Unreleased)

Recently, a couple home-brew games have made use of the Intellivoice by stringing together allophones dumped from the SP0256-AL2. These include:

Tag-along Todd 2
SameGame and Robots