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IntelliWareValter PretteEmulator and development kit for Intellivision
BlissKyle Davis
Intellivision LivesBlue Sky RangersCommercial emulator from the current copyrights owners for many of the original Intellivision games.
IntvWin/IntvDOSJohn Dullea, author of PCAEAnyone know where this emulator lives these days?
jzIntvJoseph ZbiciakPortable, no-frills Intellivision emulator. Probably the most complete and accurate Intellivision emulation available.
jzIntv LauncherRich NagelComplete GUI (Graphical User Interface) frontend and menu utility for the Windows version of Joe Zbiciak's jzIntv Intellivision emulator.
NostalgiaJoe FisherPretty much the very best Intellivision emulator currently available.
MESS(Many)This multi-system emulator has some support for the Intellivision and the Keyboard Component