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Instruction NameMove Out Immediate
CP1610 Clock Cycles9
Opcode Range$0270-$027F
Input FlagsNone
Output FlagsNone

The Move Out Immediate (MVOI) instruction copies the value in the specified source register to the address contained by the specified address register. Note that this instruction is really just a variant of the Move Out Indirect instruction using R7 as the address register. See the Move Out Indirect documentation for more information.

where: sss indicates the register containing the value to move such that: sss == 000 indicates register R0 sss == 001 indicates register R1 sss == 010 indicates register R2 sss == 011 indicates register R3 sss == 100 indicates register R4 sss == 101 indicates register R5 sss == 110 indicates register R6 sss == 111 indicates register R7