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Im going college this year, so I am quitting gaming for good. Here are my accounts I owned over the years. Some of these accounts I bought, But since im quitting Im going to give them all away.


<CENTER>Account #1

<IMG></IMG> Steam-ID: STEAM_0:0:31XXX (5Dig) Vac status:In good standing

Account #2

<IMG></IMG> Steam-ID: STEAM_0:1:113XXX (6Dig) Vac status:In good standing

Account #3 <IMG></IMG> Steam-ID: STEAM_0:1:11XX (4 Dig) Vac status:In good standing <CENTER>


<CENTER>Account 1 : 15x NL + 12x BM + 13x Corsair, all on the same account. Server: Bellocan Full info + email <CENTER>

<CENTER>Account 2: 12x Low-luk bishop Server: Scania Full info + email <CENTER>

<CENTER>Account 3: 16x Hero Server: Galicia Full info + email <CENTER>

<CENTER>Account 4: 138NL + 120shad , same account Server: Khaini Full info + email <CENTER>

<CENTER>Account 5: 12x BM Server: Yellonde Full info + email <CENTER>

<CENTER>Account 6: 14x Lukless Evan Server: Windia Full info + email