Programming Libraries and Engines

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Programming Libraries and Engines

Below are links to various library functions, as well as programming frameworks (aka "engines") that you can use when building a game. After all, while inventing wheels is sometimes fun, more often than not it's more fun to focus on writing a game.

If there are specific functions or library elements that you'd like to see, put a request on the "discussion" page.

Basic Math

Game Math

Memory Management

  • Game variables
    • Macros for declaring variables: dseg.mac
  • Block memory functions
  • Bank switching
    • Intellicart bank switch utility routines ic_banksw.asm
    • To do: ECS-style bank switching routines

Basic I/O

  • Status display
  • Hand controller scanning
    • Wait for tap / wait for release: wnk.asm
    • Comprehensive: (todo -- tends to be integrated with game's event handling scheme)
  • Intellivoice
    • Core Intellivoice driver: ivoice.asm
    • Speaking numbers using RESROM samples: saynum16.asm
    • Speaking numbers using AL2: (to do)
    • SP0256-AL2 Allophone library: (external link coming; cannot be uploaded here due to license reasons.)

Sprite Engine

The intention is to put a sprite engine here. None present currently.

Music / Sound Effects

The intention is to put music and sound effects engine here. None present currently.